Monday, April 28, 2014

Marketable Skills

NOAA's GOES-East satellite captures a stunning view of the Americas on Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22.

I have spent a great deal of my adult life trying to figure out what I was put on this blue marble to do. To date, I am 95% positive I've not been successful in doing this.

I have a list of activities I enjoy but, sadly, there aren't many people willing to pay one to:

- watch TV
- shop
- nap
- mow grass
- complete small household repairs
- assemble furniture
- vacuum
- read
- polish silver
- wrap presents/gifts

There are activities I enjoy that one could argue could be translated into a career, but I haven't been able to put the pieces together:

- Writer:  I enjoy writing but I haven't been able to find a way to make a living doing so.

- Personal Shopper:  I'm great at giving advice, telling a friend what styles might look good for them, and finding bargains. But, again, haven't been able to make this a job.

- Editor:  Show me a book, magazine, church bulletin, or billboard and I will show you grammatical and typographical errors. I have a keen eye for mistakes.

- Party Planner:  Love throwing a good party but no one's paid me to throw theirs.

- Wife & Mother:  By far, my favorite job, but, as you all know, the benefits are great but the pay is terrible.

- Consultant:  I'm great at going into a business and quickly identifying (a) what is hindering their success and (b) initiatives (big and small) that they could take to improve their product, service, and efficiency.

My results said I should consider a career as a geologist, pharmacist, or police officer. I have always been intrigued by pharmacists. I like the idea of standing 6" above everyone else. ;)

If you, like me, are still trying to figure it all out, let me know I'm not alone. And, if you're one of the lucky ones, who believes you're doing what you were sent to do, let me know that, too.