Thursday, February 17, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

No "raindrops on roses" for this girl. Here are a few items I use (almost) every day (and highly value, to different degrees):

Covergirl LashBlast Mascara - used others (from cheapest drugstore to silly expensive department store). Haven't found one better.

iPhone - I didn't understand all the fuss at first but looking back at my old flip phone just seems  barbaric. I love being able to access the web, maps, a compass, set an alarm and make notes.

Otterbox "Commuter" Case for my iPhone  - like peas and carrots. Drop your phone often? Throw it in bottomless purse? Possibly forget it on roof of car occasionally? All in a day's work for Otter. :)

Diet Cherry 7-Up  - When I can't get to Sonic for a Happy Hour Sprite Zero with no ice and extra cherry, this is a good runner up. Hard to find but worth it (if you're into cherry-flavored stuff).xm Radio in the car  - I'm not terribly picky. The stations I have programmed are Margaritaville (all island/Buffett music, all the time), a 90s rock station (Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam), a 70s easy listening station (Elton, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot), a catch-all "hits of today" station that plays everything from Christina and Brittany to Pink and Eminem, and an 80s station.

Colgate 360 Toothbrush - Yes, it's a manual. Yes, I've had electric toothbrushes. And, yes, I know they clean better than a manual. But there's just something satisfying with brushing vigorously until your wrist hurts and doing it on your own time, not just when a timer buzzes. This one does a great job. The bristles are neither too soft nor too harsh and there's a handy thumb rest and a tongue/cheek scrubber.

Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker  - You can get the K-cups for around 60-80 cents each, in a variety of roasts, flavors, and even tea and hot chocolate. There's just something about having a perfect cup of coffee the minute your heart desires and not having to clean a dirty carafe and filter basket. It's a good thing.

Body Pillow - I just love pillows. I like to make a u-shaped boat around my head. I like one on top of my face. And, while pregnant, I discovered the long body pillow and have never looked back. I can't find a picture of what I have. It's like two standard pillows sewn together end to end. But...I did find this picture of this body pillow couple. Look how happy they look.

And, I found this contraption. Not sure what it is but I want one. Hello, pillow womb.

Heavy Cream...shhh. Makes the best whipped cream, delicious in mashed potatoes and makes any cup of coffee taste like restaurant, French press coffee.