Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I stumbled upon this gem as I was cleaning out a storage closet at work and it got me in a “Throwback Thursday” kind of mental state.

I wondered about what items we used to find so indispensable that are now, well, obsolete. And I wonder what we have and use today that will one day seem as absurd as some of these.

Here is my list of items fondly remembered from yesteryear that my child would not recognize. And here’s a link to a quick article/list of“50 Things We Don’t Do Anymore Thanks to Technology.”

Banana Clip

Some things are best left in the past. I’ll add scrunchies and stirrup pants to this list.

Atari Controller

When I play something on our Wii, I long for the days of one button and one “other thingy."


It was fun rushing home and seeing if someone had called while we were gone.

Phone book

And right beside the Code-a-phone…yep. Usually the white pages AND the yellow pages.

Hand mixer

My Me-ma had one of these and I loved using it.


Did this little guy not rock your world? Literally and figuratively? 

And it was followed quickly by his sporty/waterproof cousin:

And his 2.0:

Cassette Tape Storage

Ahh, cassettes. You had to have a place to store them, right?

Trapper Keeper

Before iPads and Kindles and eBooks, kids had Trapper Keepers. The cool kids had Menudo or Michael Jackson. I had one with rainbows. And an entire section just for a portion of my sticker collection. In fifth grade. A regular Renaissance Man, I was.

Public/Pay Phone

It’s where you went if you needed to call someone while you were out.


There was always a tattered one in the backseat and no well-heeled traveler would take off without one. I loved reading the fun facts about other states and imagining how long it would take to drive across the country. I’m thankful for GPS, though.