Friday, February 21, 2014

Hey, Wait Up!

While leafing through my child’s social studies text book, preparing for the lesson ahead, I came across this little jewel, and it made me chuckle. 

The caption reads: Immigrant children arriving in the 1930s wave at the Statue of Liberty. 

A couple of things struck me as odd. First, I’m afraid they may be from Germany and Herr Wolf taught them how to wave. Check out the girl on the far right. That is classic SS form there. 

But what truly struck me was the young boy on the far left. While everyone else is looking out and waving at Lady Liberty, Friedrich, we’ll call him, is looking for a piece of gum. And the cold, stark realization sunk in.   I am Friedrich. 

Often suffering from that “day late, dollar short” feeling, I constantly struggle to take two steps: one to catch up and another to, hopefully, get ahead. It’s a work in progress, let’s just say. 

So, on this Friday, I wish you a happy and productive end of your week and that all your steps are ahead.

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