Monday, February 17, 2014

Show Business

A friend commented how embarrassed she was by how much she enjoyed the movie Frozen. That got me thinking about kids’ movies that I’ve really enjoyed, especially in the ten-ish years I’ve had a child and a valid excuse to go to the theatre to see such a flick. Here’s my list of the children’s movies I’ve most enjoyed over the past ten years. 


It will make you believe again.

The whole Shrek series was groundbreaking, I believe, in all the hidden humor for parents.

If you were a fan of Friends and missed it once it went off the air, you'll enjoy David Scwimmer's performance.
Very Geller-esque.

Emma Thompson does a bang up job.

Kevin James as an adorable bovine. It's talking animals. Just doesn't get much better.

Will Ferrell doesn't do his usual monkeying around as the Man in the Yellow Hat.

I enjoyed the whole Ice Age series.

This year, Open Season, Over the Hedge, and The Wild all came out about the same time and are seemingly about smarter-than-average-bear animals trying to improve their lives. 

It bordered on propaganda at one point but, if you like Seinfeld, you'll like Bee Movie.

Ratatouille was a great underdog film.

Usually film titles with numbers in them (a.k.a. a sequel) are not nearly as good. Shrek 3 is close to tipping over but it's still great writing and execution.

One of my favorite movies of all time. I'm a Steve Carell fan, which helps, but Jim Carrey is lovable and Carol Burnett turns in another villain you'll love to hate.


Great series. Ben Stiller turns his goofy self into a lovable underdog hero.

Johnny Depp at some of his weirdest, wonderfulest.

I enjoyed all of the Narnia films but this one was just pretty to watch.

Again, I'm a Carell fan but he won my heart all over again.

Jack Black finds a character that works with his over-the-top goofiness.

Went into the theatre dreading this one and looking at my watch and was surprised. Sweet story.

I was terrified and saddened when we started watching movies with "real people in them" (rather than strictly animated ones) but was happy that it wasn't too grown up and still preserved the magic of childhood.

One of my favorite series. Next best thing to talking animals? Talking toys.

Another one I went into dreading and was pleasantly surprised. It's another pretty movie and catchy songs that you'll find singing while vacuuming.

I was excited to pass along these childhood friends to the next generation. Hank Azaria as Gargamel is wonderfully wicked. 

OK, maybe I have a thing for Kevin James. But, hey, talking animals.


Another public service announcement wrapped in a movie, but toe-tapping songs and a decent story line keep it moving.

Bum-bum-bum-da-bum...afro circus!

Adam Sandler (and just about any other goofy actor he ever worked with on SNL) finds an outlet and come across as less annoying and more endearing. He's actually fairly genius in this one.