Monday, March 16, 2009

Movers & Shakers

I want you to meet some really neat people...the Oatsvall family.

Scott is a coach at my school and he's the only Oatsvall I know personally but I feel a kinship with this family and since they have been on my mind and heart lately, I wanted to introduce them to you.

They had two sons then adopted a daughter, Emily, from China. After Emily came another tug on the adoption heartstrings and they adopted a special-needs little girl, Maggie, also from China. They are now in the process of bringing two more children into their lives, a sibling pair from Uganda, Africa, Abigail and Joseph.

I find their story beyond interesting, a little (OK a lot) scary, and just extremely inspirational. I've never felt more like a rock just sitting on the beach being bumped around by the tide than when I read about what all this family was doing for the 1st time. They are just super folks, have enormous hearts and live their love for the Lord every day.

Someone told me about their blog at work and one night I thought I'd go and check it out. Before I knew it, I had been reading for close to an hour and had gone back months in their posts, following their journey. Now I look forward to good news, share the bumps and obstacles and pray for these people who are on a remarkable journey.

In the days, weeks, months since getting to know these people through their blog (a.k.a., cyber stalking), Jesus has really turned my heart to the topic of adoption. Something I'd never really thought about before. I still laugh, incredulously, at the notion, for several reasons, but my mind and heart is open to whatever He may have up His sleeve and in store for me. Perhaps, I'm just supposed to be more aware. Maybe I'm supposed to become more involved in another pet project to which I have been following closely and feeling pulled towards lately, Sweet Sleep.

Who knows. All I can say, today, is "I'm listening."