Monday, March 30, 2009

Goin' Postal

I made a trek to the post office today and would like to share an exchange that took place at the counter in front of me while I waited my turn in line (or "on line" as they say in New York and on TV but that's another post):

Customer: I need a book of stamps. But I don't want the ugly ones. What pretty ones do you have?

Postal Employee, Alva: [points unenthusiastically towards a bulletin board adjacent to counter that has samples of each of the stamps that they have. There are a total of 5 different "books" thumbtacked to the board.]

What's up there is what we got. Except for the green ones. We out of those.

Customer: [scans board for a second, then says:] OK, I'll take the ones that have the blue and orange on them.

Alva: Those are Breast Cancer Awareness stamps and cost $___ so much more than a normal book; the extra money going to the charity.

Customer: OK, well, how about the ones with Mickey Mouse on them.

Alva: Let me check. I think we out of those, too. [Checks drawer.] Yep, we out of those, too.

Customer: [Sighs] OK, how 'bout the ones with the plane on them?

Alva: Those are 59-cent ones.

Customer: Well, what 42-cent ones DO you have?

Alva: [looks in drawer, then reports:] We have the "Forever" stamps.

Customer: How much are THOSE?

Alva: They whatever the going rate is which is 42-cents right now but if the rate goes up -- like it's gonna in May -- they still good.

Customer: OK, I'll take one of those.

[End Scene]

Now, it took me almost as long to type and recount this as it did to stand in line, horrified, and watch it the first time around.

Key lesson, though, kids: Stamps are going up on May 11th to 44-cents. Happy mailing.