Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Valerie's Favorite "Little Bit o' Every-" Things List

Vera Wang pulled an Oprah, albeit on a smaller scale. In an article in Allure magazine, Vera shared her top 10 list of favorite must-have items. Unlike O, she didn’t share her favorites with anyone that I’m aware of, and she didn’t buy everyone a car. I found her list a bit elitist and snobby as it included an $80 candle and a $700 knit hat. Never mind the Hermes scarf, this list is obviously not for the average Jane.

So, for a more down-to-earth favorites list, I’ll share a few of mine. Ready?

1    10. Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Crème
             Great to keep a tube in your purse, glove box, or at work. A little dab'll do you, softens and soothes but soaks in fast so you're able to get back to doing whatever it is you're doing.
$5.79, Walgreens
      9.  Stash Double Spice Chai Black Tea
Just a really good cup of tea without the hassle of a tea ball. Smells divine. And you don't have to order it from England.
$18.30/18 tea bags, Wal-Mart

      8. [Tie] Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm and Burt’s Bee Natural Lip Shimmer     in Rhubarb.
I put the former on at night or just as a touch up during the day. The Latter is a great mix of moisturizing and color. The best of both worlds.

 $5.49/2-pack, Target

 $4.99, Target
     6.  Yellow Box Flip Flops
A bit of a splurge, for me, but look at your department and online stores and you can find them on sale for under $30. I've had a pair for 5+ years and they still look brand new. I toss them in the washing machine with towels and let them air dry and they're good to go. Great quality thong and a very cushion-y "I feel like I'm walking on a cloud" sole.

$29.00, Belk

      5.  Funky, multi-strand necklace.
I'm not a jewelry girl, per se, but I do love a great statement necklace. Do not pay more than $30 for one. If you do, you have extra money. Find a charity.
$16.99, Target

     4. Tank with built in bra
Sleep in them, layer them, run errands in them. I've done all three with the same one on the same day. :/
$11.94, Express

     3.  Fuzzy sleep socks
I have poor circulation. Just ask my husband.
$6 Target

     2.  Gap Perfect Boot Cut Jeans
This is one of those things you have to find for yourself...a good fitting pair of jeans. My best advice is try, try again. Look in the fitting room mirror from every angle. Sit in them. Roll them up if you're into that kind of thing. Go walk around in them. Experiment with what size and angle of back pocket makes your backside look better. DO NOT feel you have to have the "it" style every day. I mean, if your jeans look like they came from the costume department of the "Three's Company" set, then maybe it's time to look into a new pair. I know a mild boot cut is most flattering for my shape, so I rode out the stick- straight, "skinny" jean era.
$69.95 reg., $30.00 sale, Gap

     1. Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask
Yes, I'm a normal girl and I have a splurge item here and there. This is one. It's a lot for a pot of conditioner, I'll grant you that. However, the pot of conditioner that I have in my shower...I'm pretty sure Bush was in office when it was purchased. I use it once/week as a deep conditioning mask. After a good washing, I scoop out a little, slather it on, comb it through, then I shave everything I have and, as time allows, I might even scrub down the interior of the shower. Hair is left soft, shiny, and healthy-looking.
 $35, Cosmetic Market