Thursday, January 29, 2009

Opening Comments

This past weekend, we visited the arena downtown to take in the circus. It was a brisk, chilly morning and, after hiking from our parking space to the arena and arriving just a few minutes before they officially opened the doors, we were grateful to see they were allowing us to enter the 1st set of exterior doors and stave off the cold prior to the opening of the interior ones. With appx. 100-150 fellow circus attendees, we patiently stood and waited, all the while, enjoying the warmth of being inside and away from the wind and chill. Then more people gathered. We squoze in some more. Then more people. And then, we started feeling little blasts of cold air around our necks and ankles. I finally turned to look and the crowd had grown large enough to prevent everyone outside from coming in so the pivotal link in our human chain was standing in the door, propping it open.

This is a phenomenon I want to share with the masses. Have you seen this done out in public? Are you one of the ones who does it? I just need help in understanding why someone who does this thinks this is OK. Like Saturday, did it not occur to the woman holding the door that she was letting all of the warm air out or the cold air in and that she was inconveniencing 150+ people rather than just one (herself)? The only thing I have been able to ascertain is that people will do anything - regardless of how annoying - to prevent being left out in the cold.